Affiliated to WIA Sowbhagya Trust 1992-2017



Sowbhagya Educational Trust is an offshoot of Sowbhagya Ladies Association, Sri Kapaleeswarar Nagar, Neelankarai, East Coast Road, Chennai. Sowbhagya Ladies Association was started during the year 1985 (affiliated to Women’s Indian Association) with an objective of connecting the women of Nagar, Neelankarai. Sowbhagya Ladies Association has been rendering yeoman service to the economically weaker sections of the society. Kapaleeswarar


Aims & Objectives


  1. To give basic education to the panchayat union elementary school students bu appointing Teachers in coordination with the members of Inner Wheel club 3230.
    2. Visiting Vishranthi, Home for the Aged, Palavakkam, participating in Bhajans, donating funds
    for Akshaya Pathra Scheme to provide lunch to the inmates of the Vishranthi.
    3. Collecting fund and providing assistance to the affected people during natural calamities like
    Tsunami, floods, etc.
    4. Conducting Blood Donation Camps.
    5. Socializing events for members.
    6. Conducting elocution competition, Rangoli, Cookery competition to showcase our women’s
    7. Organizing Get together functions and celebrating annual day by inviting dignitaries,
    stalwarts who have worked for the welfare and upliftment of women in the society.


Sowbhagya Educational Trust Was Started During The Year 1992 With The Objective Of Providing Basic Education And Polytechnic Education To Economically Weaker Section Of The Society In Neelankarai And Surrounding Areas With A Population Of Fisher Folk, Construction Workers And Domestic Workers. The Trust Sponsored Students From Local Panchayat School By Appointing Teachers And Provided Special Coaching To Facilitate The Students To Pursue Their Studies To Middle School, High School, Poly Technic And College Level. School Fees, Study Materials Are Provided To The Sponsored Students Every Year. Uniforms Are Provided To The Sponsored Students Every Alternate Year.


In 2001, ASHA for Education, Silicon Valley, California, USA offered sponsorship under SAC (Sponsor A Child) programme. With ASHA’s able support, the sponsored students, after completing their high school education, were able to join polytechnic and professional courses. This supported in a big way for these students to become economically independent by securing jobs Companies. in Multi National


Most of the sponsored students are the first graduates of their respective families. They have become responsible citizen. They studied well and got good marks in all their examinations. They have have settled happily and leading a recognized their opportunity and used it wisely. Now all the students good life which is an example to others. Most of the students have done their post graduates also.


People Behind The tRUST


Founder and Managing Trustee and Trustees of Sowbhagya Educational Trust devote this book to Sri. S.V.Rajagopal, Retired Director of Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd. Sri. S.V.Rajagopal is the husband of our Managing Trustee Mrs. Jayalakshmi Rajagopal. He was instrumental for starting Sowbhagya Trust and helped a lot for registering the Trust, developing, conducting benefit programmes for collecting money to run the Trust. He made arrangements to get the FCRA clearance from Central Government. He has helped to publish our Trust activities through Newspapers like Hindu, News Today, Times of India, Adyar Times, Mangaiyar Malar etc. On the whole, he was the pillar for our Trust. Unfortunately we lost him on 14th February 2017 during their USA visit. This is a great loss for their family and also SPIC and Sowbhagya family. Our Beloved Former President of WIA, Padmasri Dr. Smt. Sarojini Varadappan was also very much interested in our Trust. She always gave full support for developing the Trust and gave suggestions whenever we needed. She visited our Trust during our distribution functions. Really, we are missing her a lot and with the blessings of Mr.S.V.Rajagopal and Dr. Smt. Sarojini Varadappan, we are running our Trust successfully. Presently our President of WIA, Smt.Padma Venkatraman is one of our Trustees. She is our permanent Trustee of our Trust and she is giving encouragement to our Trust.