Its representative character was evident from the record of representation made by our members to different Assemblies in the world from time to time for betterment of humanity in national and international spheres.



It was due to the persistent demand of this Association that in Madras, women were granted Municipal Franchise and primary compulsory education in the Municipality for girls was introduced. It was this Association that waited on Sir Montague Chelmsford, the then Secretary of State for India, during his visit to India and pressed through its representatives for granting of franchise to women on equal terms with men. As a result of that representation and as a consequence of future agitation throughout India and in England, women in all provinces in India have been enfranchised on equal terms with men.

It was due to the efforts of the Association and its members that the Madras Children’s Aid Society came into existence and the Juvenile Court was established.

The Seva Sadan, the Avvai Home, the Montessori School at Pantheon Garden and Rescue Home were institutions initiated and set on foot by the efforts of Women’s Indian Association. It ran also a Monthly magazine “Stri Dharma” which was a great Journal of Education.

This Association is rightly called the Mother Organization of All India Women’s Conference for it was this Association which ORGANISED the All India Women’s Conference then called the All India Women’s Conference on Educational Reform in 1927. This Mother permitted it toddler daughter to widen her scope and it was a day of happy amalgamation that Women’s Indian Association became one with All India Women’s Conference in the year 1944.

Compulsory education for girls and boys. WIA is a pioneer organisation and rightly be called the mother organisation, at Chennai for organising many activities pertaining to help women and children activities for their empower men 

This Association had not only helped in passage of the Child Marriage Restraint  Act in the Assembly , but has also strenuously worked for its enforcement by appointment of Sarada Committee and the act of suppression of traffic in women in children in this city and for the abolition of the Devadasi system. It worked for the eradication of untouchablity, illiteracy, and inequality


Women’s Indian Association a non-party and non-communal organization. Therefore, the members of this Association could always express their view point freely and fearlessly on any national problem and also on welfare of women and children.

This Association has from its foundation worked for self-Government and had appealed for women’s representation for drafting the Commonwealth of India Bill. As the direct consequence of this agitation, women delegates were invited to all Round Table Conferences and WIA was the first women’s association to present a Memorandum to the Round Table Conference on women’s franchise and her place in future constitution of India. Our Association continues to serve in the same way.