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Inspiration became an idea, and idea an actuality in formation of Women’s Indian Association in the year 1917 in this great City of Madras in its beautiful suburb of Adyar by Mrs. D. Jinarajadasa under the guidance of Dr. Annie Besant and was ably assisted by Mrs. Margaret Cousins. WIA was formed on borrowing the idea of a cross-cultural association from the Tamil Mathar Sangam (Tamil Women’s Organisation) formed in 1906. Mrs. Cousins took the whole responsibility of fostering it. The purpose of the Association was to bond women of India into group for self-development, the continuation of education, the promotion of public opinion for social reform and the definite service to others.



Dr. Mrs. Padma Venkataraman

Hon. Secretary

Ms. Bargavi Devendra

Hon. Treasurer

Dr. Booma Srinivasan