• Crown jewel of WIA is the Cancer Institute (WIA) at Adyar, Chennai Women’s Indian Association assist Society for Right of all Women with disabilities abranch of WIA with 5000 Members in rehabilitation programme.
  • Differently abled children are trained in making paper cups, plates and fashion jewellery.
  • Orientation and Counselling programme completed in 100 schools in Chennai, Kanchepuram and Tiruvallur Districts. The youth empowerment project has benefitted nearly 50000 children.
  • Organised First Aid Training programme to school and college students. Free coaching classes are organised along with food for around 80 students of Chennai schools for the past 16 years and also promoting higher education for under-privileged children.
  • Strived for gender equality and equal opportunity for women.
  • A Working Women’s Hostel, Senior Citizen Home and crèches for downtrodden children are being run for many years. A unique programme worth mentioning by one of the senior members of the branch is helping in conducting the last rights of the unclaimed bodies.
  • Trash to treasure programme is conducted in schools.
  • A branch has been helping the children of skilled workers like Gardner, Carpender, Fishermen etc., to pursue Education and find placement for employment. So far 140 students were benefitted.
  • Awareness programmes are conducted on all important issues such as women’s issues, environmental, health and hygiene and consumer issues.