Past Activities :
The Organisation is the crusader to get Franchise for Women, Abolition of Devadasi System, Restraint on Child marriage and Emancipation of women (especially those belonging to the economically and socially backward sections of the society) transcending the barriers of caste, creed, religion and nativity.
Madam Montessori visit to WIA and started a Nursery School at Egmore.

  • Founded Cancer Institute (WIA)
  • Promoted participation of women in the National freedom movement.
  • Successfully implemented total literacy programme aided by Government of India.
  • India Population Project assisted by World Bank.
  • Strived for gender equality and equal opportunity for women.
  • Propagation of Solar energy and assistance from AIWC.
Activities For Children
Day care centres
The Central Social Welfare Board provides financial assistance for 34 day care centres in Chennai city and its periphery. Around 1000 Children from economically backward sections benefits from this programme.



Activities For Women
Working Women’s Hostel
WIA runs a hostel for working women providing accommodation in a safe, homely atmosphere on nominal charges. 50 women are admitted at a time.



General Programmers
Disaster Relief
Whenever and wherever there were natural calamities like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire accidents and the tsunami, WIA distributes relief materials to the affected people to rebuild their life.