WIA’s activities cover a wide spectrum of social and economic support measures for making the women self-reliant and progressive in their outlook. Illustratively, some of WIA’s free services are as below:

  • Volunteer Service at the Cancer Institute (WIA) – 1954
  • Creches for Children – 44 creches benefitting 1100 children yearly.
  • Preparation of Nutrition Supplement for 1100 children benefitted from 2007
  • Manufacture of Sanitary Napkins started in the year 2009.(for Promotion of Gynaec-hygiene among the poor)
  • Auxiliary Nurse Training started in 2009. So far 4 batches conducted.
  • Community College affiliated to Tamilnadu Open University in 2010
  • Computer Training Centre trains students from nearby Slums.
  • Tailoring Unit – Women were given training in Tailoring & Embroidery from nearby slums.
  • Food Processing Projects through Solar Energy from the year 2005.
  • Rehabilitation Programmes for cured Leprosy Patients.
  • Working Women’s Hostel – Working Women’s were benefitted.
  • Family Counselling Centre – approximately 150 clients per annum approaches from in and around Chennai and gets benefits.
  • Free Legal Aid Clinic – Free Legal aid service given to the required clients.
  • Senior Citizen’s Home – Three senior citizens were benefitted.
  • Lending wheel chairs and walkers project started in 2012.
  • Formation of 268 Self Help group’s with a total of 3205 members.
  • Women’s Indian Association is a Federation with 44 affiliated branches in Tamilnadu.

All other allied activities for promoting the welfare of women, children and the aged. A picture, it has been well said, is worth a million words. Here are a few pictures which unfold the saga of WIA’s pursuit of its avowed welfare goals.

Following the footsteps of the pioneers, the association is carrying out the activities for the Welfare of women and children, especially from the weaker sections of the society.

  • To promote women’s literacy and educate women on current issues.
  • To work for social reforms and social legislations.
  • To organize women for the service of the society.
  • To strive for gender equality by ensuring equal rights and opportunities.
  • To set and demand a high moral standard in all spheres of life.
  • To work for national integration and for world peace.

Any women who is a citizen of India and above 18 years, who accepts the aims, objectives and policies of WIA, is eligible to be a member of any registered constituent branch of WIA on payment of the subscription in accordance with the rules and regulations of the branch. Membership is restricted through the branch. Likewise, any registered Organization with similar principles can be affiliated with WIA.

Today WIA is a federation of about 44 branches and affiliated to AIWC, New Delhi and it is the main branch of AIWC at Tamilnadu.