• Women’s Indian Association, a heritage welfare organization of the women by the women for the women. It was formed on 8th May 1917 at Adyar, Chennai. It is the first Women’s Association, which brought all Indian women together for mutual assistance. The main aim of the organization was to obtain women’s franchise to represent in the local state and central legislatures and achieved it in the year 1930. It did not rest until its demand was fulfilled. Politically the organization has been active from the beginning when they sent a delegation to meet with Secretary of State Montague in 1917 to request the franchise for women.
    Our symbol represent the ideal influence of woman, which it is object of our Association to make an actuality in every detail of daily life in every part of India. The work has began in the Madras Presidency (the place of the women’s feet), but its life – force springs from religion (her heart is in the region of Benares) and its intellect must be as clear and cool as the Himalayan regions into which rises her head.
    Serene and self-reliant must stand each member, with hands outstretched to sisters and brothers both in the East and West, to give them from her active right hand Beauty and Prosperity represented by the lotus, the flower that bears within itself male and female qualities equally, and from the lamp in her left hand to extend the steady flame of inspiration which will light the fire of the united life of man and women, the fire of devotion to our Sacred Religion and of love for humanity, the fire of Patriotism, the fire of zeal for reform.
    Thus she represents Religion, Knowledge, Organisation, Service, Beauty, Prosperity, Inspiration and Co-operation all offered freely to mother India by each of her daughters.